Mirror for Sony TV App Reviews

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Buggy and rarely works

Works ok if you use their watch a video features, except you can’t fast forward or rewind, so pretty useless. If you mirror, the resolution is limited and more than half the time it never connects. Quite literally one of the worst programs I’ve ever used. Asking $10 is highway robbery. I will be getting my money back.

GREAT customer service

I bought the App for my MacBook AND iPhone X to pair with my Sony Bravia. On the outset, both Apps did not work. I had read the reviews which mentioned that the App developer can troubleshoot and figure out your issues. I emailed both and had a response within 1 minute-(That was reassuring alone because I just thought I wasted $14.99 (total) for both Apps. Approx. 10 emails later and a lot of diagnostics sent back and forth ; both connection problems were solved. What a pleasure to have quick, speedy, reliable service AND a decent App for viewing my photos and playing video. Thank you “Mirror for Sony TV”-Job well done!!

Don’t Buy

There’s a huge lag (5-10seconds)… it’s non-functional and the app developer denies my refund request. Waste!

Want my money back

just waste my money no working, bs app

MacBook Air to Sony KDL-50R550A - SOUND TIPS

I love this app. The picture is amazing and the sound as well. SOUND PROBLEMS? I discovered that you have to make sure to have a good router. I was having some intermittent sound problems until I switched from my AT&T router to my Apple AirPort router. Also, make sure you use an HDML input on your TV and NOT your “Screen Mirroring” input, and remember to select “Enable Sound on TV” in the app. Also, if. you have any problems, the customer support on the Mirror for Sony TV Facebook page is amazing.


The app barely works….. it will mirror the screen for a minute or so and will freeze. Waste of money.


dont spend your money on this… I literally downloaded this less than an hour ago and already want my money back. biggest waist of money, please dont use this app with I could get my $10.00 back. if I could give it negative stars I would

It works, but laggy

I have a new MacBook Pro trying to use this on a 75” Sony Z9D… it works but it’s seriously laggy. I’m talking 4 seconds laggy. Would be fine for showing slideshow of pics but that’s about it.


Despite the demo working perfectly, the actual application crashes instantly as it opens. Its a shame. Would like to use this app, but it obviously is not well designed. Please refund my purchase.


It works but is very glitchy… video freezes then resumes but skips, makes it unbearable to watch.


Waste of $10. This is the first time I have ever written a review, but felt compelled since I just wasted $10 on something that DOES NOT WORK. I was told by a sales man to get this app to use with my Sony Adroid TV and that I could mirror my MacBook just fine. Well, turns out 90% of the time the app failed to open, and the 2 times I did get it to open the lag was SO LONG that it was useless. Not only the lag, but also the glitching. The mouse pointer tracked about 30 seconds later so if you want to use it as a monitor temporarily it wont work. After this purchase and lots of frustration, I went out and bought the Apple TV. Apple TV is worth every penny. It will do what you want it to do.

sony tv and mac pro

This app seems to work fine. but before you buy from apple app store delete the trail app. I didn’t and spent some time working around it.

Works Perfectly

Great app! Works perfectly. Had one question—Excellent customer service. I have a family member that streams and games way too much……..I have two routers. Both are fairly new and pretty nifty. The ASUS RT 1750 had some problems with both of us streaming. The GOOGLE WIFI handles both amazingly well…….Who would have thought…….

Good idea but...

It doesnt work. Won't find my TV, even after trying all the troubleshooting tips. I want my money back.

The app does not work

The app worked for 15 min and then I spent 3 hours trying to make it work and nothing i did worked. I want my money back

9 $ for noting

Travel to the moon it’s esayer than this

Works fine but needs more features

I tried watching a movie on my Sony TV using this app and it works great. The quality is good on a full HD movie. However my laptop fell asleep and I had to start the movie all over again and I noticed that I was not able to fast forward the movie using this app. This should be a trivial feature. Until they update the applicaiton I rate it 3 stars.

Works just fine!

I’ve only used it for a day, but it seems to be working just fine from my MacBook Pro (Sierra) to my 4K Sony Bravia. The delay isnt an issue for me because - really, you’re watching it on one screen not two. I did have to dload the extra codec for playing audio and after I’m done I have to click on the speaker icon to change back to “internal speakers”. It’s all good as long as it works! ONLY issue was I was kinda miffed the demo is only 2 minutes. I was trying to fix things and troubleshoot and 2 minutes is just not enough time, you have to keep restarting the application. I almost backed out of buying the app because of this. Other than that, I am happy.

Doesn’t work properly

This app stopped working after about 20 minutes never worked again. The app loses a considerable amount of quality through mirroring on the tv screen from my laptop and i also don’t think its worth the price tag even if it was properly working! also the 3-4 second delay is really annoying! P.S Really wish I could get my money back!

Dont get it

This app is horrible. There is much lag its not even worth using. I just recently had to download th airbeam portion for the audio transfer and it doesnt work. Ths is my first horrible experience with an app offered through the apple store. I love apple products and Sony products. But this app is horrible. Needs to be fixed. I cant give less than one star.

crash every time i need to open it

do not buy, this app crashed several time right after i bought it today, wanted to get something to cast on my Bravia but this is useless..

Does not work

This app doesnt work at all. I tried reducing the quality, tried no audio, tried screen share, and tried just sharing a single app. Just times out saying it cant connect. It recommends physically connecting devices to the network but if Im using cables I might as well just use an HDMI cord or VGA to my tv set, which makes this app even more useless.


A few hiccups to begin with but the developer worked them out and now the app works perfectly. Well worth the price.

I think it’s great!

I tried the demo first and was glad to spend $10 for this slick interface. Basically, everything worked perfectly. Especially for streaming video. The picture on my 55” 4k Sony from my late 2001 2.5ghz MacBook Pro 17' is excellent! It would be even better if there was no lag for surfing or working in apps, but I could hard wire for that. It a simple automatic connection that is easy to select, without changing any settings on the tv, no matter what source I was using, and it’s up and running in seconds. At the drop of a hat, at any time I can put it up on the big screen. Bam! It works! What’s to complain about? I got over the 2-3 second lag real quick! All I can say is that it has been flawless the dozen plus times I have used it, even hours at a time, pausing or doing whatever I chose. Good job, guys! Thanks!

Works pretty well

So far this is working pretty well. There’s been a couple of glitches but so far it works out. When I asked for help on an issue, they got back to me and it fixed the problem (I lost the sound on my computer when NOT using the app). We have not had a long delay or lag (only about 3 second from what is on computer to TV). I’m pretty happy with it so far. Only been using it a couple of weeks.We have a Mac computer and a Sony 4K TV. We just got a sound bar for it and for some reason the sound will not go through that when using the app…had to turn it (the sound bar)off to just have sound from the TV itself. I’m still figuring this stuff out so it might be something simple.

Dont buy

this is a horrible app. it Lags a lot.


I have a XBR-55X850D and been looking to wirelessly play GoPro footage and what not from my Macbook Pro to my TV. This took all of 30 seconds to setup. (25 seconds was spent looking for the audio driver on their website). A/V is 5/5. No lag. This is with so-so quality video. If you’re wanting to stream 4K you’re still going to need a cable, but 720/1080p comes through just fine.

AirBeamTV is the State-of-the-Art in Video Software Engineering

Installed the Demo Version and it mirrored my MacBook Pro Retina Display. Purchased the Full version and attempted to stream Youtube Video over a range of resolutions on 2016 Sony HDTV connected directly to my 2nd Gen Airport Extreme Router Ethernet Port on 5MHz Channel. Persistant Start-Stop at ANY resolution. AirBeamTV suspected 2nd Gen Router BandWidth Problem. I contacted Customer Support and they Immediatly responded with very specific diagnostic guidance suggestions. Then, a week latter, they apparently went back to the fundemental Video Architecture and resolved the problem with only a software update. AMAZING. This is nothing less than a technical tour-de-force by an extremely talented group of Imagineers. Wow… I was especially impressed by the higher than 1080p resolution options including 1440p which my Sony could Display and all the way up to 4K 2160p. which my Sony could not Display. Wow...

Sony 4k xbr65x750d

Found my tv without any issues. Mirror quality is ok. Good for presentation type applications. Turns mirror on and off without needing to do anything on the tv. works with one click. Has about 1 1/2 - 2 second lag from computer to tv is the only downer. If you want your Apple to work on your Sony TV , this will do the trick.

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